Building smarter, safer, and more resilient cities

The Public Sector Network's Safer Cities Summit is an Australian based two day event focused on bringing together key civic safety focused government stakeholders from around the world to tackle these important challenges. 

The two day event will explore strategies for ensuring cities become safer over time, even with rapidly growing populations, through creating and maintaining more resilient urban environments, preventing and mitigating emergencies, and promoting public safety through policing.

Why attend?
  • Meet and network with a broad range of policymakers, emergency response providers, police, planners and other critical stakeholders involved in building safer cities.

  • Share best practice strategies for crime prevention, emergency and disaster response, fostering resilience and maintaining public safety in densely populated urban environments.

  • Stay abreast of changes to civic safety related regulations and policies at a state and federal level.

  • Take home practical tools to reduce public safety and disaster risks and more effectively protect urban communities, their livelihoods, health, culturalheritage, socioeconomic assets and ecosystems and strengthen resilience.

  • Learn about and witness practical case study demonstrations of leading edge technology innovations supporting the safety of cities.

  • Join the critical discourse around public safety, emergency prevention and management and resilience.

Key Themes

Resilient, Smart, Liveable Cities

With half of the world's population living in them, cities are becoming greater and greater targets for shocks and stresses and the need for resilience in cities will continue to grow. 

Participants will learn how to foster more safe and resilient cities that can withstand major shocks like digital intrusion, major infrastructure failure, and terrorism and overcome ongoing stresses like food insecurity, infrastructure weaknesses, street crime and poverty.

Emergency and Disaster Preparedness, Response and Recovery

Emergency and disaster preparedness and response involves a coordinated, co-operative process of planning to match urgent needs with available resources. Strategic plans are needed, not only for responding to the impacts of disaster, but also to maintain business continuity while managing the crisis, and to guide recovery and reconstruction effectively.

Policing, Security and Public Safety

Latest developments in strategy, leadership and modernisation of policing and their role in crime and terror prevention and public safety will be at the fore of discussions.  This stream will contribute to the future roadmap for policing for safer cities, showcasing the latest capabilities that are being trialed and developed to enable our police forces to become more effective and efficient in the face of increasingly sophisticated threats to the safety of urban environments and their communities.