Be Fearless, Influence, Innovate, and Inspire

The Official Sell-Out Series launches in Wellington this September 2017

Diverse workforces are more innovative, productive and better able to deliver high-quality services

The agenda is designed for individuals who are performing well in their current role, are ready to take on a position of greater responsibility and are motivated to develop their leadership capabilities.

Increasing the numbers of women in senior leadership roles within government will ensure that government capitalise on the diverse talents available and that the sector better reflects the community that it serves.

Just a few of the key skills held by women include, emotional intelligence, resourcefulness and flexibility; these enable people in positions of authority to help employees complete initiatives and meet business goals.

At Public Sector Network's Women Leaders in Public Sector 2017, you will gain powerful insights into:
  • Disrupting the status quo: women transforming leadership
  • Resilience and ability to take risks: Overcoming the FEAR – False, Evidence, Appearing, Real
  • Leading transformational change in the public sector
  • Future Leaders: Increasing women’s confidence and advancing careers
  • Female Leaders 4.0 – Successfully navigating the digital world
  • Changing the system to support future female leaders: Gender diversity needs a mixed team 
  • Bringing about a united front!
  • Traits of Successful Women in Leadership

Last year, the roadshow highlighted the top 5 organisational barriers preventing women from advancing, those highlighted were

  • Unconscious bias

  • Leadership commitment

  • Organisational culture

  • Recruitment and promotion process

  • Workplace flexibility

This event will enable you to:
  • Build positive workplaces and provide support for all employees

  • Strengthen workforce planning capability to integrate workforce diversity strategies

  • Build a workforce which reflects the diversity of the wider community

  • Achieve the Government’s broader social responsibility objectives